~~Brandon and Audrey are safely home. We had an amazing trip. New Zealand is a very inspired, innovative and beautiful country. We had great fun doing the Zorb, the Luge, the Schweeb, Argojet, Extreme flying and soaking in thermal pools. We visited the 1 of 4 world volcanic thermal region to see the mud pool, volcanic crater, and Lady Knox geyser. (the other 3 are Yellowstone-US, Ireland and Russia). We also get to soak in the hot water beach and fly over the bay of islands (140 small islets) in North shores. We get to do sandboarding and visited glow worm caves. The time we spent in Australia was equally impressive and fun. We spent one day at the zoo to see Kangaroo, Wallabie, Koala bear, local animals and visited Opera house at night. We spent the weekend at the beach house to swim in the most beautiful white sandie, cool water beach. We visited the bird garden to have so much fun with the parrots and cockatoos. Down time, we kayak in the back of the beach house. The total trip was very memorable and extraodinary. Thank you to the family in Australia for your hospitality and like always heavy hearted when it's time to say goodbye. Best wish to you all and hope to see you soon.

 Spring break New Zealand
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