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Family from Down Under August 16, 2021
Wow, Audrey how lucky you are! Wonderful Birthday!!!
Family from Down Under March 23, 2020
Wow, that's great! Enjoying your Spring break! Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics to see that Brandon and Audrey are growing up every day❤❤❤❤❤
From grandma Kiman March 23, 2020
I love all thePictyres you sharing .I wish can can be there ,Thank you Tristan.
From San Jose family March 23, 2020
Brandon & Audrey have really great time in Spring break , Everyone have to stay home . Only your family can go to travel this time , Have a very ...very wonderful trip.We love your family.
Family from Down Under February 02, 2020
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDON! We wish your year be full of joyful achievements and wonderful discoveries! Enjoy the small things every day while working toward the dreams and goals of your future! Fondest Love from All of Us
family from grandma Kiman October 29, 2019
Dear con trai , You're always been strong and bright ; full of humor and energy , determined to do>>>> Good things . Thanks very much Tristan for vacation trip . Miss Brandon , Audrey , Grandma will see you soooon.
Family from Down Under October 22, 2019
Wonderful Fall in New Hampshire & Vermont! Love from ALL of Us
family from san joseJC September 17, 2019
Brandon het dau chan chua .brandon and Audrey like you are a blessing, How very much you"ve loved , Miss your family
Family from Down Under August 04, 2019
grandpa Thanhan June 22, 2019
Norway, Germany rat co kinh va dep . I like to see Brandon stands on east side , Audrey on west side of out Berlin wall , Buc tuong Ba Linh chia cat nuoc Duc khi xua. Germany co mon PORK KNUCKLES rat noi tieng , Tristan"s family are so enjoying Germany Pork Knuckles. How lucky cac con are. Enjoy more than more.Ong Noi love cac con .