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Quynh August 18, 2005
Congratulations Tristan and Nancy. Brandon is so adorable!! I can see you both are enjoying him so much.
Giao August 15, 2005
Very cool website. Brandon is lucky to have you guys as parents : )
kimberly August 15, 2005
hey you guys, That's so wonderful and delightful seeing my nephew there. You people must have nothing else to do down there...hi`hi`hi`..just kidding!! I did receive some photos in the mail too. Thanks. We look forward to seeing you guys and Brandon in San Jo in Sept. Until then, keep up the good work...Keep on smiling...
Diem August 15, 2005
Great website Brandon's mom & dad. Can't wait to see more pictures of the little guy. He must be crawling and all over the place by now right... if not, soon! Thank you for sharing...I'm truly happy for you two. He's a bundle of joy.
AMV August 14, 2005
Very snazzy site..Keep up the good work mom and dad.
Thao Vo August 13, 2005
I love this website! Great idea Brandon's mom & dad...Now i can see you grow up even when I'm far away!