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Oba` Noi Thanhan August 27, 2008
Brandon di choi o Knott's Berry Farm vui qua . Brandon chuyen loi Cam on den Ba` Nam va Ong Ba` Ngoai cho Sausages ngon vo cung . Ba` Co ,Ba`noi va` cac Bac , cac Di` thank you very much .
Cousin Tracy August 25, 2008
Hey Brandon! It was great seeing you again[= I had so much fun with you at Knott's Berry Farm. Hope to see you again sometime soon.
Grandma Kiman . August 24, 2008
3 ngay` o ben canh cac con va chau noi , me that vui , hanh phuc , that am ap voi tinh thuong yeu chieu chuong cua cac con , nhat la` Nga , lo cho Bngoai va gia dinh Me .Me thank you cac con va miss Brandon . Love always .
cathy August 11, 2008
hi i miss brandon the next time
Grandma San Jose August 09, 2008
Ba noi nho Brandon , Trang , Trungtin . Nho Thuy Nga -Thuy Tay- Thao phong . They went to Cancun . Nho cac con cac chau . Hope cac con mau ve nha` .
Kiman July 28, 2008
Brandon suong qua , duoc di choi khap noi . Happy family Thuy Nga Brandon. We miss you .
Nguyen Thuy (Down Under) July 24, 2008
Hello Brendan, Hello Brendon can you ask your parent to buy you a bigger kite so you can fly to Down Under and take an adventure ride on our Skippy... Hope to see you soon... Love. co chu Nguyen & Thuy
Ong Ba noi San Jose July 18, 2008
Brandon is grown so big since the last time we saw Brandon . He is very adorable ! miss chau noi .
Auntie Tiff July 08, 2008
Boy...have u grown?!? Such a big cute boy!!! Everyone in San Jose misses u & ur parents. We hope to see u all soon. Take care. :-)
Ba noi Kim an July 05, 2008
Ba noi nhan gifts cua Thuy Nga Brandon , Cam on cac con , and love you all .