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Grandma Kiman May 08, 2009
Grandma received the Mother's Day gift. I really liked it, &Thank you so much. I love you all and miss you a lot!
Family in San jose April 18, 2009
Brandon gioi qua , Grand Prix Race Won . We miss you .
Down Under ! March 24, 2009
Chuc mung Thuy Nga sap co be gai va Brandon len chuc anh hai ! We miss All of you.
Ba` noi Kiman March 22, 2009
Chuc mung Brandon co sister , Ba` noi sap co 2 chau noi va` thich ten Bao Chau .We all love you .
Cousin Tracy March 02, 2009
Heeey Brandon!(: Haven't seen you in a while. Sorry that I couldn't make it to your birthdaay party. But I miss you so much! &Hope to see you soon. Just stopped by to say hi , &Because Ba Ngoai told me to. Haha(x
Grandpa Thanhan February 27, 2009
Love Thuy Nga Brandon a lot and a lot .
Family o San Jose February 12, 2009
Thuy Nga Brandon in Disneyworld vui qua , love Brandon , we will see all of you next week .
Gia dinh o Down Under February 06, 2009
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENDON :) We all love you and miss you
Grandma Kiman February 05, 2009
Ba` noi cam on Valentine's Gift cua chau noi . Ba` noi cam dong va thuong Brandon nhieu nhieu .
Family in SAN JOSE January 30, 2009
Happy Birthday to Brandon . You are a smart boy . Hope to see you soon . Love you and love u .