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San Jose Family August 02, 2009
Chuc Mung Thuy Nga co them baby girl , Chuc mung Brandon co em gai Bao Chau . Birthday Aug -02- 2009 .
San Jose Family July 28, 2009
Brandon tam bien vui qua , Ba` noi hope to see you soon .
Ba` noi Kiman July 10, 2009
Brandon vui qua , duoc di choi khap noi , Me Nga cua Bao Chau rat khoe . Ba` Noi miss all of you .
Family from Down Under July 10, 2009
Wow, Brandon da bat dau mot mua he voi nhieu cuoc du hanh roi !! Me Nga cua Brandon co met lam khong voi em be sap chao doi? Rat nho !!
San Jose Family June 29, 2009
Nho Thuy Nga Chau noi Brandon .
Grandpa Thanh June 20, 2009
Cam on Gifts cua Thuy Nga va Chau noi Brandon .
Family in San Jose June 07, 2009
Nho Thuy Nga Brandon .
auntie young June 01, 2009
Hi Brandon, I can't believe how much you've grown... I guess you are getting ready to be a big bro. I can't wait 'til come and visit you once your sis arrives... thx for sharing your new pictures w/ me=)...I loved them.
Ba` noi May 22, 2009
Nho chau noi Brandon .
Family in San Jose May 18, 2009
We are very excited Baby Audrey is coming . The Pink room is so beautiful .