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Family from Down Under August 09, 2010
Hooray! HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY Audrey :) Cam on cac con da de hinh len that nhieu de ba con ben nay cung duoc chia xe nhung giay phut am ap do! Chuc Thuy Nga luon vui khoe de tao nhieu dip quay quan ben nhau va dua cac con di tham thu nhieu noi khac nua . Chuc hai chau Brandon va Audrey lon nhanh va ngoan. Rat thuong,
Quynh Trieu August 04, 2010
You have 2 beautiful kids!! It was nice to run into you at Vivian's BD. Can't believe how big Brandon is now (yeah, now I can see that he looks just like his daddy). My cell #661-932-3039.
Bac Nguyen Thuy - from the land Down Under August 02, 2010
Happy Birthday Audrey, chuc Audrey co mot ngay Sinh Nhat that vui voi dai gia dinh. Nho cho anh Brandon thoi nen voi nhe . Chuc gia dinh Thuy Nga suc khoe va them nhieu dip di choi voi hai con. Cho Nguyen Thuy goi loi tham moi nguoi. Love always, Bac Nguyen Thuy.
Family from Down Under July 05, 2010
Audrey 'lam xau' trong tay ba Thuy sao ma de thuong qua! ca hai cha con !! Brandon cao len nhieu roi! Rat nho cac con. Thuong yeu,
Family from Down Under June 26, 2010
Hello Brandon & Audrey, cac con co duoc ba me dua di choi xa o dau trong ky he nay khong? hay o nha de ngam minh trong be boi ? Chuc cac con va ba me co nhung ngay he that vui ! Rat thuong,
Family from Down Under June 17, 2010
Audrey de thuong qua ! Anh Hai Brandon dau roi ? Rat thuong,
Dai, maithao, conner June 09, 2010
The kids are growing up so fast! we have to come over and give kisses to audrey... she's so ADORABLY KISSABLE :) we loved the new pictures you posted. it's so funny how we always follow where your family have just traveled! more pics please...
Family from Down Under May 27, 2010
Wow, Brandon, you're so lucky to watch the sunrise - it's beatiful. Yeah, you're so handsome as your dad but your mum is also so pretty at the church (as we often see her in her casual !). Love All of You :)
Co Thao May 26, 2010
Brandon, u look so handsome in that suit! Audrey, u look so always! SJ family misses all of u already!
Family from Down Under May 17, 2010
Wow! Audrey de thuong qua! ca Brandon nua Rat thuong,