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Cousin Tracy September 20, 2005
Brandon,you look so handsome when you're sleeping! I hope you come and visit soon!!!
Cousin Tracy September 15, 2005
Hi Brandon you're so cute! I miss you a lot!
dunganhnguyenvinh-huong&thienkim September 08, 2005
Brandon,you are so cute! ThuyNga, it's a great idea! We now can follow Brandon's milestones even we are in the other continent :)
young cho September 04, 2005
Brandon, you've grown so much since last time I are still looking cute..too bad I didn't get to see you when you came up over the wknd.. well, hopefully I'll can come and visit you soon...
Co Ly September 01, 2005
Brandon, you're just too cute!
Grandma Kiman August 21, 2005
The special happiness of having Brandon for a grandson .
louie and grace August 20, 2005
brandon looks so handsome. this website is very well put together and organized, great job tristan!!!
glenn conroy August 19, 2005
your son is so adorable. i like this web site keep it up. children are the best. gotta have another one for him to play sure our kids can play together as soon as mine stop beating each other up.
cathy August 19, 2005
hi a thuy, it's me your little cousin. remember me?? i was there a few months ago. you spelled my name wrong!! hello.... Andy wants to tell you that he messed up!! like always!! anyway, just want to say that you did a good job with ``Brandon. he's really cute.
cousin Andy August 19, 2005
great website brandon mom & dad.Brandon look so adorabie!!!