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Ong Ba`noi - CoThuy`-Co Thao August 07, 2011
Xem hinh birthday chau Audrey that vui , Brandon sun rang van dep trai . Party vui ve , dam am , dang ghi nho . A lot of love send to Thuy Nga Brandon Audrey
Family from Down Under August 04, 2011
02 August 2011 HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY Chuc con mau lon, ngoan ngoan ben ba me va anh Brandon Rat thuong,
Grandma Kim An July 13, 2011
Ba noi thich Brandon choi game Laser Top Lights , thay la va hay qua , Audrey thay cao lon thay ro , Chuyen loi Cam on Ba` ngoai da cham soc cac chau dum me . Around 3 more weeks , Ba noi , Ba Co se hop mat voi Thuy Nga va chau noi . Love you all ,
young July 11, 2011
Hi Brandon and Audrey, thanks for the ecard fr vegas:).. I can't wait to see you guys again. Enjoy your summer!!
Family from Down Under July 09, 2011
Wow! Het ky nghi he nay chac la Brandon va Audrey lai cao lon them mot chut nua! Brandon gioi qua thang duoc nhieu Laser Top Lights. Chuc cac con juon luon vui ve. Rat thuong,
Family from Down Under June 27, 2011
Oh Brandon gioi qua lai biet thuong yeu san soc cho em Audrey nua! Cac con se tiep tuc di choi nhieu noi nua trong mua he nay chu ? Mong cac con se co that nhieu niem vui va ky niem au tho ben ba me cac con. Rat thuong,
Family from San Jose June 26, 2011
Brandon va Audrey de thuong qua , Audrey khong so birds , Brandon thay cao hon . Hope to see gia dinh Thuy Nga Brandon Audrey soon .
Ba noi Kim an June 07, 2011
Nho Thuy Nga va hai chau noi qua .
Ba noi Kim an June 07, 2011
Brandon chac da nghi he roi . Duoc Ba Me dua di Disneyland
Family from San jose May 28, 2011
Mom biet cac con di bien voi gia dinh neighbors sat ben , cac chau co duoc mot ngay that vui . Nguyen Thuy cua Bac Dung Anh cung sap co baby va them...nhieu nhieu baby , Dai gia dinh o Usa chuc mung va thuong nho Family from Down Under