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Grandma Kim An January 10, 2012
Dear Tristan , con trai cua me ! Your birthday celebrates another year of happiness and love . HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TRISTAN.
Family from San jose December 31, 2011
Happy new year to Gia dinh THUY NGA BRANDON AUDREY .
Family from Down Under December 24, 2011
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Brandon, Audrey and Thuy Nga.
Oba Noi Co Thuy Co Thao December 24, 2011
At Christmas and always , will be filled with all to fully enjoy the wonders of this beautiiful season . Happy Holidays to gia dinh Thuy Nga.
Family from Down Under December 03, 2011
Brandon gioi qua. Audrey di hoc co vui khong? Mong cac con se duoc dip vui choi trong mua Giang Sinh va nam moi sap den. Rat thuong,
Family from San jose December 02, 2011
Chuc mung chau Brandon co Award o truong hoc , Brandon gioi qua , Audrey hon 2 tuoi da di hoc roi , that la de thuong . Love all of you .
Ong Ba noi Thanh An November 22, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving to gia dinh Thuy Nga Brandon Audrey . Thanks God , da cho tat ca moi nguoi trong gia dinh chung ta . Mot nam khoe manh , binh yen va hanh phuc .
Co Thuy Co Thao, Tracy , Ba noi November 01, 2011
We love the Halloween pictures , Happy Halloween to Brandon and Audrey. Love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
From BIG FAMILY November 01, 2011
Ba`Noi va cac co chu , nho Nguyen Thuy- Vinh Huong , Thien-Kim va Vinh -San nhieu lam , Happy Halloween den cac chau .Nho nhieu lam .
Family from San Jose November 01, 2011
HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2011 Nho de danh keo cho Thien-Kim va Vinh-San nhe! Rat thuong,