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Grandma Kim An November 21, 2012
Happy Thanksgiving to Gia dinh Thuy Nga. Happy 10th Anniversary To Thuy Nga. Thuong chuc Thuy Nga Brandon Audrey vacation o Hawaii nhieu vui ve , hanh phuc nhieu hon nua . Mom kiss chau noi nhieu nhieu .
Family from San Jose October 29, 2012
We like the Halloween pictures . Happy Halloween to Brandon and Audrey . We love all of you .
Family from Down Under October 28, 2012
HAPPY HALLOWEEN to Brandon, Audrey va ThuyNga Rat thuong,
Grandma Kim An October 20, 2012
Sang nay Ba noi thay nho Thuy Nga Brandon Audrey .
San Jose Family September 14, 2012
Gia dinh Thuy Nga Brandon Audrey vui tuoi, Big Family from San Jose thay cung vui theo . Miss you all.
Family from Down Under September 08, 2012
Brandon and Audrey suong nhe! cac con da co nhung ngay he vui choi cung nhung nguoi than yeu cua cac con!
Family from Down Unde August 03, 2012
HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY ! Wishing you have a wonderful day . With Love from All of Us :)
Bnoi CThuy CThao August 02, 2012
Happy Birthday to Audrey . Audrey rat de thuong ,thong minh ,mau lon . Brandon va Audrey rat may man ,Hanh phuc Dad and Mom Thuy Nga cho di choi khap noi . HAPPY FAMILY.
San jose Family July 31, 2012
Ba anh em Tristan Trina Tiffany vui choi tuyet qua , That vui khi thay 3 anh em danh thi gio vui ben nhau . Nho Tristan Nga Brandon va Audrey nhieu nhieu . Love you all.
Grandma KimAn July 18, 2012
Xem BD video ,mom vui voi Bngoai , vui voi cac con cac chau ,vui voi all family . That la mot hanh phuc lon cho cuoc doi mom . Thank you cac con da cho mom nhung ngay vui .