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Family from Down Under July 04, 2013
Wow, Brandon looks great on soccer uniform! Cac con that may man co ba me cham chut lo toan cho cac con ve moi mat. Chuc cac con luon luon duoc huong nhung dieu than tien o tuoi tho. Rat thuong,
Grandma KimAn June 28, 2013
Tuy ban ron , cac con van sap xep cho Brandon Audrey vui camping overnight , muoi co chich chau noi khong ?
Family from San Jose June 20, 2013
Dam cuoi that vui,,sang trong, to chuc chu dao, kheo leo ,Video clip hay.. Mom va Ba Ngoai rat vui , Chuc Bao Pauline - THUY NGA tram nam hanh phuc ben nhau.
Family from Down Under June 13, 2013
Well done Brandon! Chuc cac con co mot mua he that nhieu chuyen vui de chia xe nhe! Rat thuong,
Mom Cthuy` Cthao April 21, 2013
Miss Thuy Nga Brandon Audrey. Miss and kiss.
Family from Down Under April 10, 2013
Cam on cac con that nhieu khi chia xe nhung phut giay hanh phuc cua gia dinh cac con. Rat thuong,
Ong Ba Noi April 09, 2013
Hai tuan le vui choi ben canh Thuy Nga va chau noi that tuyet voi va hanh phuc . Me cam on su tan tinh cham soc , thuong yeu cua Thuy Nga's family' Love you all.
Family from Down Under March 29, 2013
HAPPY EASTER :) Dang cho nhung hinh anh moi cua gia dinh cac con Rat thuong,
Bnoi Cthuy Cthao March 08, 2013
Brandon play piano cho grandma va cac co nghe nhe . Love and kiss......Brandon ,Audrey .
Grandma Kim An February 11, 2013
Happy New Year to Gia dinh THUY NGA Hope to see Brandon and Audrey soon .