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Family from SAN JOSE September 06, 2013
Cam on tinh` thuong yeu, nhiet tinh cua Gia dinh THUY NGA. Mang tinh thuong yeu den cho tat ca moi nguoi. God Blessing your family. Thanks again
From Trinity and Tiffany. August 28, 2013
Thank you Tristan for Delicious Salsa. Next time... send .... again . HeHeHe....
Ba Thanh goi THUY NGA. August 25, 2013
Nam nay 70 tuoi. Bthanh co nhieu niem vui.Thu nhat, lai xe xa tham vo chong con van thay khoe, thu hai , nhin thay sinh hoat cua gia dinh con , hanh phuc, vui ve, phat dat, sap xep vo chong con cai ,tuy ban ron, nhung ne nep , gon gang, Cac chau ngoan ngoan , tren ca tuyet voi , Thu ba tinh yeu thuong cua con danh cho Ba me va gia dinh rat tham thiet, tang them len . Cam on cac con , Brandon, Audrey , danh cho ong ba noi tuoi gia duoc vui cung con chau. Cam dong lam lam . Ba Thanh.
Grandma Kim An August 24, 2013
Hom nay Oba` noi vui voi Brandon and Audrey o Club house. Ong Ba thay minh tre lai , we play ping pong, and soccer and air hockey and fuseball,We have a great time today. Love you Brandon , Audrey.
OBa` Noi visit BRANDON & AUDREY August 23, 2013
I feel so happy and lucky to have Brandon,Audrey,Tracy, Tyler, Trevor,Trinity , in life. Grandkids are my life, soul, heart ,everything.Many , many happy returns of the day. Grandma love all of you.
Family from San Jose August 03, 2013
THUY NGA BRANDON AUDREY . Vui qua , luc nao cung vui , vui ve...hanh phuc . Love U ALL,
Family from Down Under August 02, 2013
Diem July 09, 2013
Hi Thuy. Happy Belated Birthday to your mom! Kids are growing up so fast! What a beautiful family you have there.
Me Kim An July 07, 2013
Cam on Thuy Thuy Thao da cho me nhung ngay nghi Holidays , qua xa vui , am ap tinh gia dinh . Me thuong cac con nhieu nhieu . God Blessing our Family.
Thuong nho Down Under. July 06, 2013
Thuy Nga Brandon Audrey ve San Jose, Great Grandma, and grandma that vui that hanh phuc ,ben canh cac con cac chau . Buoi tiec nao , cung nhac den Gia dinh Anh Chi Dung Anh Nguyen Vinh. Mong uoc duoc sum hop , va mong uoc Our Big Family are always healthy, happy, lucky .