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Grandma Kim An November 10, 2013
Ba noi xem nhung hinh anh cua chau noi Brandon va Audrey . Nho cac chau that nhieu .Mong uoc gap lai cac chau le le . Love Thuy Nga va chau noi nhieu nhieu .
Ong Ba Noi. October 31, 2013
Happy Halloween , Brandon Audrey xin duoc nhieu keo nhe. Thuong nhieu lam .
Family from Down Under October 31, 2013
Co Thuy Co Thao October 27, 2013
Have a magical Halloween and Wish a hauntingly happy Halloween to Brandon and Audrey. See ya.
Family from San Jose October 24, 2013
This Sat we have family's party . When we be together , we miss Tristan Nancy Brandon and Audrey . Love and miss .
Ong Ba` NOI October 14, 2013
BRANDON and AUDREY vui ngay` Halloween 2013 som hon 2 tuan ,Cac chau that vui tuoi , hanh phuc ben canh Bathuy Me Nga cua cac con .
Grandma Kim An September 22, 2013
Ba` noi ao uoc duoc gan gui ben canh Brandon va Audrey .Duoc dua don cac chau di hoc duoc vui choi canh cac chau Spend nhieu voi cac chau going nhu grandma cua Thien Kim , Vinh San va Thuy An . USA miss DOWN UNDER . Thuong nho gia dinh Thuy Nga va gia dinh Anh Chi Dung Anh nhieu nhieu .
Family from Down Under September 08, 2013
Cam on cac con rat nhieu vi da chia xe nhung phut giay quan trong trong dai gia dinh den voi nhung nguoi than yeu o xa. Thuong chuc cac con moi dieu an lanh. Rat thuong,
Di Binh Chu Thanh September 07, 2013
Di Binh thank you Thuy Nga nhieu. Gia dinh con tiep don nha BaNgoai lam Di Binh cam dong qua .Thuong chuc Thuy Nga va Brandon Audrey nhieu binh yen may man .
luat nhan family September 07, 2013
thank you very much for your very nice with my family. thank you to talk over with my son. I hope, he does in well like you talk to him; thanks again