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From San Jose Family. January 26, 2014
From San Jose Family January 10, 2014
Grandma Kim An January 09, 2014
Dear Thuy con. Ngay mai Jan 10. Sinh nhat cua con . Me thuong chuc con nhieu niem vui, nhieu hanh phuc ben canh vo con, nhieu may man , nhieu suc khoe , cuoc song luon tien trien tot dep . Happy Birthday con trai yeu dau cua me .
From San Jose Family December 31, 2013
We wish that New year 2014 brings great joy,peace and prosperity. New year's Eve a year of happiness and success. We love Thuy Nga family.
cute T December 31, 2013
Warmest thoughts and best wishes for wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year to Tristan Nancy Brandon Audrey
Co Phuong December 20, 2013
Co Phuong chao Thuy Nga. Co la ban than cua me con va biet Thuy Thuy Thao tu luc con nho . May chuc nam , gap lai , cac con da on dinh , Co Phuong mung cho Me con va cac con . Neu truoc day, co mang cac con cua Co di theo Me con , thi nay cac con cua co cung may man hon bay gio . Xem hinh anh gia dinh Thuy Nga va 2 chau Brandon Audrey , co cam phuc va thuong lam .Noel nam nay Co Phuong chuc gia dinh Thuy Nga vui tuoi, dam am , nam moi 2014 may man, binh yen, thing vuong . Co Phuong .
Family from Down Under December 20, 2013
Wishing All of YOU a Very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. Fondest love from all of us.
From Bme ThanhAn. December 10, 2013
Thank you for bringing joy to our vacation and for all your kindness . Happy birthday Nancy.
San Jose Family December 10, 2013
Dear Nancy ! We're thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful Birthday.
Ong Ba Noi December 08, 2013
Nhung. Ngay. Vacation ben canh cac con va Brandon Audrey that vui . Beautiful , we enjoy 5 stars Hotel at. Aulani Disney . Thank you and thank you