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San Jose family October 30, 2014
Happy Halloween to Brandon and Audrey .This year hai Anh em se mac costumes going hinh ai day . Mong cac chau that vui va xin duoc nhieu keo . Nho Gia dinh Thuy Nga nhieu nhieu.
Family from Down Under October 14, 2014
Wow, Trang looked so happy to see both of you at her campus. La Jolla is beautiful! Rat thuong,
San Jose family October 12, 2014
Brandon and Audrey just getting big so fast .looks like both of you had lots of fun at San Diego zoo. Nga hoi om . Love your family.
Grandma KimAn September 28, 2014
Grandma see all Brandon and Audrey pictures, grandma miss my grand kids , miss, love and kiss both of them a thousand times .
San Jose Family August 04, 2014
Happy Birthday Audrey . Xem hinh anh o Yelowstone park , dep va vi dai qua . Chuc mung gia dinh Thuy Nga Brandon Audrey vua di choi ve . Mong cac con , cac chau luon vui ve , binh yen , hanh phuc . San Jose luon nho Temecula.
Family from Down Under August 04, 2014
OBa Noi. June 19, 2014
Chuc mung chau noi Audrey graduates . Tiec qua, Ba noi khong duoc tham du , de chuc mung Chau noi . Hope to see Thuy Nga Brandon Audrey soon. Nho chau noi nhieu nhieu .
San Jose FAMILY May 29, 2014
Yesterday we went to Tracy award ceremony .We're so proud of our girl Tracy Trang. We're so glass Tracy finished high school with the best achievements .Keep it up and make grandma and mama proud.
Grandma and Cthuy Cthao May 18, 2014
On July, Tristan Nancy Brandon Audrey come home. We can not wait . Wishing we be together soon . Love Brandon Audrey very..very ....much .
Grandma KimAn. April 20, 2014
Happy Easter .Brandon va Audrey co luom duoc nhieu trung khong ? Ba noi nho cac chau lam lam .