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San Jose Family June 21, 2015
Our dearest Brandon Audrey ! We are waiting for seeing the new pictures from San Diego Camping . And wish your family the best luck . Love you all.
AMPHENOL June 08, 2015
Summer break just came . Brandon , Audrey went to San Diego fair yesterday , Wow wow it>s so lucky for enjoy a good summer time . Love your family.
Grandma Kiman May 30, 2015
Feeling thankful . Cam on doi moi sang mai thuc day Ta duoc them mot ngay nua de yeu thuong . Wake at dawn with winged heart and give thanks .Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you Thuy Nga Brandon Audrey , Da cho Me, cho Bnoi nhung ngay vui , hanh phuc trong cuoc doi nay.
San jose Family May 27, 2015
Thank you big Brother ,big sis send Birthday gift for Trevor . God Blessing.. See ya
Ba Noi Kim An May 24, 2015
Holiday weekeen be with Thuy Nga Brandon Audrey . I am very happy and have so much good times wth my Grandkids . This is my wonderful time in my life .Love always
SAN JOSE FAMILY May 13, 2015
Nho Thuy Nga Brandon Audrey qua . Thuong nhieu lam lam .
AMPHENOL April 15, 2015
Awesome Brandon ,Audrey . You're very lovely. Smart , Happy . We love your Family.
Bnoi Kiman April 11, 2015
Ba noi love to see Cherry Blossom . I miss them .
CO PHUONG April 06, 2015
Me con noi , Gia dinh Thuy Nga du lich o New York,Washington , Co Phuong chua biet, chua bao gio biet New York , nen xem hinh cac chau chup , Co Phuong biet duoc nhieu nhieu , Cam on vo chong Thuy , Chau noi cua Kim an , rat dep trai dep gai , rat de thuong, vui ve . Mong co ngay gap lai gia dinh chau Thuy . Cam on va chuc nhieu may man , tot lanh . Co Phuong .
Family from Down Under April 05, 2015
Thank you for sharing your journey! Rat thuong,