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Family from Down Under August 07, 2015
At last, we have the password :) HAPPY BELATED 6th BIRTHDAY AUDREY!
Grandma Kiman August 02, 2015
Happy 6th Birthday my sweetest Audrey . Wishing Audrey more happiness than there are stars in the sky .Grandma love YOU very...very much.
AMPHENOL July 22, 2015
Wow wow, ,We saw all the pictures ,The best are at Custer State Park,South Dakota, very...very..beautiful view of Mt Rushmore and the face alone with 550 feet tall . Thank you for sharing all pictures . Love your family,
Bnoi Kiman July 20, 2015
Nhung hinh anh that kho ma` duoc den gan de xem , Hai city Iowa va Nebr sat ben nhau , That la thu vi, Thay cac con di choi vui qua ,Brandon, Audrey will take 1 more vacation and go back to school . See cac chau soon .
Family from Down Under July 19, 2015
Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Brandon & Audrey chong lon qua! Rat thuong,
Obnoi Cthuy CThao July 17, 2015
Ca nha da nhan duoc Thiep moi Audrey's Birthday roi . Oba noi mong toi ngay` gap Chau noi de thuong va thong minh , Brandon thi` cao han len . Thuong cac chau lam lam
Family from San Jose July 09, 2015
Brandon Audrey duoc di choi suot Mua he` cung` Ba Me, Thay cac chau cao lon , nhung trong manh khoe va hoi looks dark . Love always .
Ongba Noi June 27, 2015
Nho chau noi Brandon Audrey qua . Nho nhieu lam lam .
AMPHENOL June 24, 2015
We love that the kids can all play together to make excellent arts .Leave in place overnight , Do Brandon, Audrey have any Mosquito bites? .......Haheeee, just kidding . Love always.
Family from Down Under June 23, 2015
Wow, 2 soccer players! We miss you all! Rat thuong,