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Family from Down Under October 04, 2015
Wow! Brandon's clip jumping!!! Awesome!
Di Binh October 02, 2015
Gia dinh Thuy Nga Brandon Audrey di choi vui qua .Ngay mai , ca nha se dung xe Van cua Thuy , Chu Luat cho di len nha Cau Giao choi , Cam on xe Van cua Thuy Nga,
Carol 's Grandma October 02, 2015
Ba` Ngoai said , Cam on Thuy Nga da spending time with Carol. Bac Dung se phu ho cho tat ca cac con cac chau .
Family from San Jose September 30, 2015
Thay cac chau are growing up fast and so tall , Guong mat rang ro vui choi o Hawaii. Mong Thuy Nga family co that nhieu niem vui .Work hard , enjoy , happy , Fun. Life is simple . Love always
Family from Down Under September 30, 2015
Aloha! Chuc cac con co nhieu ngay vui hon nua nhe! Rat thuong,
Family from Down Under September 10, 2015
We wish we will be there! Brandon & Audrey are so lucky! Rat thuong,
Family from San Jose September 08, 2015
Ba ngoai va may Di xem hinh gia dinh THUY NGA di camping - Cac chau vui choi , voi Nui Rung Song Nuoc thien nhien ,Thuy Nga cung chieu Brandon Audrey , cho di choi khap noi .Tuoi tho cua cac chau that de thuong . Thuong lam lam .
Amphenol September 01, 2015
we miss Tristan Nancy Brandon Audrey. Hope to see you guys soon . Love always.
Family from San Jose August 10, 2015
Thuy da cho ca nha xem day du hinh anh sum hop gia dinh ,Va that vui trong ngay Birthday cua Audrey .Cam on Thuy Nga da mang niem vui cho Ba ngoai va dai gia dinh San Jose. Thuy Nga Brandon Audrey , soooooo beautiful family. Love you all.
Family from Down Under August 10, 2015
Cam on cac con da chia xe nhung ngay vui cua cac de duoc thay gan gui hon du xa hon nua vong trai dat! Chuc cac con luon luon vui! Rat thuong,