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AMPHENOL April 01, 2016
I ABSOLUTELY Love your vacation .Awwww that was to sweet great time be together with Family. I loce your Family.
Family from San Jose March 31, 2016
Welcome to Sydney, Gia dinh` sum hop that vui va hanh phuc. Cam on Thuy Nga , Nhan` Luat da spend times with Sydney's Family . Nhung giay phut tran qui ben canh nhau that vo gia . Nhin` thay Sydney va California gap nhau la` thay vui roi . We love our Family.
Ba` Noi co thuy co thao March 29, 2016
Thanks very much for sharing all pictures , We never be in Paihia and Auckland, now we can see them in New Zealand . That's awesome trip .
Family from San Jose March 28, 2016
Cha` cha` co di Helicopter rides, Canh dep , nguoi cung dep, Ca nha` vui ve, nhin` qua hanh phuc. Xem hinh cho biet New Zealand .
Ba Noi Kim An March 27, 2016
Xem hinh` tuong tuong, minh` dang o New Zealand, Thay ca nha vui, minh` vui theo . Happy Easter, Feeling Thankful. Ngay` mai gap Gia Dinh Bac Dung Anh, Thuy cho me goi loi tham tat ca .Cam on Chi Anh da cham soc ky luong nen Anh Dung cua Em suc khoe da kha hon .Anh Dungda khoe, Sinh Nhat Me KIinh moi Anh Chi va cac chau qua US Vacation.
Family from Down Under March 26, 2016
We cannot wait to see you! Fondest love,
Family from San Jose March 25, 2016
Troi oi, Di choi o New Zealand vui qua .Trong cuoc doi khong de co nhung ngay vacation vui nhu vay . We are jelous. Brandon Audrey luc nao cung enjoy vui ve . Thay thuong lam
OBa Noi February 19, 2016
Today is Big day for Oba Noi , My Awesome Grandkid Brandon won student of the month. He won the pursuit of Excellent . Brandon gioi lam .Not easy to get a student of the month . Tristan Nancy are very pound and Happy .
Family from San Jose February 01, 2016
Happy Birthday to dear Brandon . Hope U had a great day .Keep up the good school. May U grow ever brighter ever braver and ever more better than U are this very moment. Love always.
OBnoi January 25, 2016
Dear Brandon Audrey, Congratulations both of you are great for Awards this month. Oba noi already send to both the gifts, Including Brandon Birthday gift also . They will coming to Chau noi soon . Brandon Audrey ngoan va hoc gioi lam . Thuong cac chau noi nhieu nhieu .