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AMPHENOL June 10, 2016
Graduation wish for a special Brandon .Grateful to have meet these awesome Tristan's Family . My great time well spent with Brandon & Audrey . Well done.
OBnoi May 26, 2016
Dear Brandon & Audrey , Ong Ba nho hai chau noi qua , Chuan bi di tham chau sao ma` mong mau mau toi ngay`, khoang 5 ngay` nua sao thay lau thiet la lau, Mong hai chau vui khoe ngoan , hoc hanh tot nghiep Dai hoc , cho cuoc doi cac chau sung suong sau nay . Co gang len nhe, Thuong cac chau nhieu that nhieu.
AMPHENOL May 11, 2016
We had watched all video clips, Brandon Zorbing, ExtremeFlying,Fastjet,Lady knox geyser.Wow wow amazing . I'm so proud of the Vo Family.
Family from San Jose May 11, 2016
Hi the Vo Family , You've always been at the center of our Family, brightening our lives with your caring and love . Hope to see Brandon & Audrey soon . we miss them .
Ba noi Kim An April 14, 2016
Food court o New Zealand in big building , nhieu mon an , khong biet chon mon nao , Xem Video Clip that thich thu . Brandon quay video cung kha lam . Yummy , bua an that ngon cua gia dinh Thuy Nga o New Zealand.
AMPHENOL April 06, 2016
I miss Brandon and Audrey . Hope to visit your Family some day.
Family from San Jose April 04, 2016
Nhin` pictures chup o Chua` thay thuong qua ,5 men, 5 women, 5 kids. Ai cung dep, nhan hau , Cam on hai bac Dung Anh, Vo chong Nguyen Thuy`, Vinh, va Thom cung` cac chau da tiep don, thi` gio, niem vui, danh` tron cho Gia Dinh USA. Tinh thuong yeu cua Down Under that bao la am cung .Love you all. Congratulations Adung da khoi binh . Cam on Chi Anh .Chi Anh tuyet voi .
Family from Down Under April 04, 2016
Ngay vui qua mau - chi con dem nay nua thoi la chia tay! Cam on Thuy Nga da cho ca nha o day nhung gio phut ben gia dinh cac con va Luat Nhan, nhat la cac chau nho co dip gan gui nhau
AMPHENOL April 03, 2016
Looks like a lot of fun .Wishing your Family love luck and success in every day .
Ong Ba noi Thanh An. April 02, 2016
Ca nha di bien choi vui thiet , Nuoc bien co am khong ? Thay Bac Dung khoe ra , hong hao map ra , Gia dinh sum hop hiem qui , co day du khong thieu ai , Co Thom too. Mong uoc co them nhieu nhieu nhung ngay vui nhu vay .