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from San Jose Family June 15, 2017
Dear Brandon & Audrey , Summer is here , We hope your season is full of sunshine and joy ,We all love You.
AMPHENOL May 18, 2017
I was remember, my great time well spent with Brandon & Audrey last summer. Both of you are grow fast, still cute miss you so much .
Grandma Kiman April 20, 2017
Thich thu ,xem nhieu lan nhung hinh anh dep tuyet voi o Japan .Xem tat ca ,Bnoi thay minh dang o Japan.Brandon Audrey vui tuoi cuoi rang ro ben Dad & mom , Cac chau that hanh phuc, Audrey luon luon Cuoi xinh tuoi..Bnoi thay thuong cgau qua . Wishing Tristan's Family have more vacations more traving a round the world and keep sharing all Famous pictures with everyone.;Bnoi love Chau Noi always.
Family from San Jose April 08, 2017
Xem duoc nhieu canh dep , La mat o Japan, Hoa Anh Dao , Hoa tulip ruc ro mua Xuan .O nha van xem duoc nhieu canh dep . Cam on Thuy Nga, Brandon Audrey.
Family from Down Under April 05, 2017
Thank you for sharing your journey. Enjoy! Love from all of us.
AMPHENOL April 03, 2017
Hello Tristan's Family . I love Japan , Thanks very much for sharing all those pictures ,This is the best way to enjoy the Cherry Blossom in Tokyo.,it will create an experience you will never forget .,You work hard , you need to enjoy harder .,Have more Fun ., I love your family .
Family from San Jose April 02, 2017
xem nhung hinh anh Tristan sharing . Bngoai and San Jose Family biet them nuoc Nhat, biet Mequro River co nhieu Cherry Blossom . Vacation vui, xem hinh ai cung tre trung vui ve, enjoy .Have a wonderful trip and more enjoy . Love always.
Bnoi Kim An April 01, 2017
Xem hinh anh o Japan , Bnoi thay minh cung duoc di choi chung voi chau noi , Cherry Blossom are soooo beautiful. Chau cua bnoi du lich khap noi . God Bless our Family .
Family from San Jise March 31, 2017
Hello Japan ,We're waiting for the picteres from TOKYO . how are Brandon Audrey doing ? Are you excited ? Love your Family.
Family from San Jose March 05, 2017
Thank you Tristan , Thank you for all wedding pictures.You guys are always for Families.We love your family soooo much and there are no words to express our eternal gratitude . Thank you Gia Dinh Anh Chi Dung Anh, Nguyen Vinh that de thuong , khong quan ngai duong xa ,ton phi ,Luc nao cung hien dien chung gop tinh yeu thuong cho Gia Dinh . Xung dang la con chau Ho Nguyen . Thank you Thank you and Love you all ,