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from grandma KimAn July 21, 2018
Xem tat ca hinh anh cua Europe Tristan sharing , Grandma thay dep, hap dan , Chau noi sung suong qua , Chau da biet duoc nhieu quoc gia , nhieu canh dep cua the gioi ,Grandma miss and love Brandon Audrey
Family from Down Under July 02, 2018
Thank you very much for sharing your journey with us! We feel so connected!
Family from Down Under June 24, 2018
Enjoy your summer holidays! Thank you for sharing these photos with us. Those cities are very special especially Santorini is built on a rocky hill which gives to it a strikingly picturesque appearance :) Love from all of us :)
Family from San Jose June 18, 2018
Brandon Audrey vua nghi He . da duoc daddy mommy cho di Europe , Few days a go, Chau noi dang o split Croatia , That vui va hanh phuc ben Ba Me o Europe 3 tuan nhe Brandon Audrey , Thuong chau noi nhieu ,
grandma Kiman April 14, 2018
Xem het hinh anh cua gia dinh Thuy Nga di vacation Asia tour 2018 , Chau noi enoy va have A lots of fun .Mot tuan nua duoc gap Brandon Audrey , mong lam lam. Love always .
Family from Down Under April 13, 2018
Happy that you have had a great Asia trip Love always
Family from San Jose March 30, 2018
We're waiting to see the Asia trip pictures , Hope Tristan"S family have a wonderful vacation .
Family from Down Under March 17, 2018
Have a good trip to new Asia destination!
Family from Down Under February 02, 2018
HAPPY 13rd BIRTHDAY BRANDON !! Enjoy a year older and we hope this year will bring you lots of happiness, love and fun more than previous years. Fondest love from ALL of Us !
Ong Ba NOI February 01, 2018
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to chau noi BRANDON , For our grandson birthday, we're wishing all good things to come your way ,sussessful life .Love you always Brandon .