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from San Jose family , March 26, 2019
Wow , we'll follow you from Germany to Iceland , Have a wonderful trips .
Family from Down Under March 26, 2019
Wow! this time we'll follow you to Iceland!Thank you very much for sharing your journey with us! We feel so connected!
from Amphenol February 02, 2019
Happy Birthday to my deareast Brandon , Wishing you lots of health , happiness, wealth, love , luck and success in the future .All of us love you . Happy 14th Birthday Bradon.
from San Jose family January 30, 2019
Gia dinh` Thuy nga ve tham Bngoai va big family o San Jose, tuy co 2 ngay nhung nhieu y nghia, nhieu tinh thuoing yeu danh cho tat ca moi nguoi ,Brandon ,Audrey are soooo tall , grow up fast.Cac chau that ngoan va de thuong . Cam on Tristan took all the pictures, LOVE YOU ALL.
Grandpa Thanhan January 10, 2019
Happy Birthday Tristan con, Hope this special birthday fills your heart with the love of family and friends , We will see your family soon in 2 more weeks .
from San Jose Family January 01, 2019
Wishing your family the very best with everything in year 2019 ..May the year 1019 be ayear of Health , Happiness , Love , Laughter and Luck . Tristan , We love your family.
Grandma Kiman December 31, 2018
To my deareast Brandon &Audrey ! Grandma are so very proud of both of you .You have grown up so beautiful , I'm so happy on yours achievement today. May the Lord bless your family. Year of the Dog 2018 . We're very blessed and thankful . We're truly blessed.
from San Jose family October 31, 2018
Dear Brandon & Audrey, Happy Halloween Trick or treat' We wishing to have sweet and spooky Halloween with lovely family & friends.
Family from Down Under October 01, 2018
Love to see Brandon & Audrey supporting the community campaigns :) You're awesome !
From grandpa THANHAN August 01, 2018
Dearest Audrey , Your birthday celebrates another year of happiness and love from your dad ,mom, and your smart big brother Brandon .,We never would have known without you as our beautiful grand Daughter. HAPPY 9TH YEARS OLD BIRTHDAY . We love you always .