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cousin Tracy July 10, 2006
Hi Brandon! I miss you so much!! I saw you at the animal park and lighting fireworks! You look so adorable! Hope to see you soon!!
jennifer June 22, 2006
hey brandon! you were cute when you still had hair but at least you stll look cute well see you soon!
cute T June 12, 2006
hi brandon! i saw you hairless. you are still cute without hair. miss you so much! hope i see you in sj soon!!!!!
Ba` Noi . June 06, 2006
Xem Hinh` , miss Brandon a lot .
Grandma Kiman May 11, 2006
Mom can't wait to see all of you soon. ( Nho Chau Noi qua )
cousin Tracy May 03, 2006
It's almost my mom's wedding! I'm so excited! See you soon!
dunganhnguyenvinh-huong&thienkim April 22, 2006
Hi Brandon! we wish you and your parent will have a trip to our Down Under soon :) Love from all of us!
cathy April 14, 2006
HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!brandon look so cute at lego land
cousin Tracy April 13, 2006
I liked the pictures you took at the beach. You looked so cute when you held the ball close to your face and bent down. I miss you a lot! Grandma Kim an misses you too!
cute T March 13, 2006
Hi Brandon.I know I just saw a while before but I miss you already.I hope I'll see you soon.