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from San Jose Family June 18, 2019
Gia Dinh Thuy Nga di du lich o Rusia . Sweden. Germany . Livepool England , Phong canh Tuyet dep . Rusia that khac la . Ca gia dinh minh , chua ai duoc di . Ganh ty qua , Thank you Thuy for Sharing .Canh dep qua
AMPHENOL June 15, 2019
Happy Father"s Day to Tristan .I like to see all the Pictures you sharing , I felll so connected ,
From San Jose family June 14, 2019
May be your Family are in Cruise Ship .
Family from Down Under June 13, 2019
Travel to Europe again! How lucky you are as Europe is having with countless beautiful castles to admire :) Wish all of you have a lovely summer in Europe! Love from all of us.
Grandma Kiman June 12, 2019
Great summer vacation 2019 , Cac Con are too much busy , IT'S good time for enjoy and relax. Thank you Tristan for sharing your journey. Love cac con .
from San Jose Family June 11, 2019
Kronborg Castle , co phai Lau dai cua Rusia ? Phai di xa , moi thay nhieu cai dep cua The gioi. Your Family are soooo Lucky .
Grandparent June 10, 2019
Wow Wow, Travel to Europe again, Copenhagen looks soooo beautiful , Grandma wish to be there with Tristan"s family. I missed ths good one , Have a wonderful trip.
AMPHENOL April 08, 2019
Canh dep thien nhien o ICELAND ,that la dep va hung vi .Xem hinh anh cuaTristan share cung nhu minh duoc di du lich o Iceland and Germany. Thank you nhieu lam lam
from San Jose family April 02, 2019
Troi lanh, canh dep , missed Brandon Audey , vui cho nhieu , 3 ngay nua la ve roi .Mot chuyen di vong quanh the gioi co y nghia .
from grandma Kiman March 31, 2019
sooooo cold , mot kham pha cua ICELAND ,going Reno, Lake Tahoe in the winter , Thanks a lot for sharing your journey , Thank you very much Thuy , We love all of you.