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Grandma Kiman . February 14, 2007
Hinh` Chau Noi dep trai va lon qua . Miss Chau Noi nhieu nhieu .
Cousin andy February 02, 2007
I'm the 1 who remind tracy becuase tracy forgot it was brandon birthday so happy late birthday i miss you alot
cousin Tracy February 02, 2007
Happy late birthday Brandon! I miss you a lot and hope to see you soon.
cousin Tracy January 23, 2007
I know your birthday is coming soon! I'm still waiting for the invitation. Thanks for the slippers and the Hello Kitty bag!! I miss you and want to see you soon!
cathy January 08, 2007
awwwww brandon looks so cute and he look taller anyway thanks for the slipers is really warm thankyou!
Grandma Kim An December 28, 2006
Dear Chau noi Brandon ! Nho Chau noi nhieu nhieu , Best wishes cho Chau Noi and a Bright and Happy New Year .
cousin Tracy December 06, 2006
See you today!! (=^D)
cousin Tracy November 01, 2006
Hi Brandon! You look super cute on your bike! Keep practicing and one day, you'll be riding beside me!!
Grandma September 22, 2006
Chau noi Brandon oi ! Grandma miss you so much .
September 13, 2006
i love u brandon